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Breathing Awakening !!!

  • Cocoon Wellness Center 130 Athalassas Avenue Strovolos, Nicosia Cyprus (map)

Awaken your inner power through a combination of ancient and modern breathing meditation techniques. Instead of trying to find everything you need around you, discover the source power inside you and start unfolding your true potential!!! Come to our first breathing meditation workshop in Cyprus and experience something different from what you already know!

The basic substance of our existence in this form of life on Earth and the primal tool that is connected with it is our breath. ΠΝΟΗ in Greek is primarily connected with the life-giving process. It is when the Soul enters the body and brings life in it! Breath holds magical qualities and from ancient times people have been working consistently on the power of breath. Shamans, yogis and mysts have been practicing on several breathing techniques and qualities to connect with the divine. Pranayama is a set of breathing techniques which holds this knowledge. Those who practice these techniques have reached transcendent states of being (several testimonials and books from personal experiences have been recorded throughout the years).

Breath is not just an unconscious mechanism in our body. We all have the access to consciously change its rhythm at will! It is connected with the heart beat and by changing the rhythm of breath we change our heart’s rhythm and consequently our state of being! Did you know that using your breath accordingly you can be released from stress, anxiety, frustration and even wounds from the past? Did you know that breath can take you to meditative states, or lead to you to ecstasy? …to activate your own pharmacy for self-treatment, to fill yourself with energy when you wake up, or just get warm when you feel cold?

By learning how to use your breath you could manifest your life at will!

Start the first day of summer, the heart’s first wide-opening, with the awakening of the first substance of life…your BREATH! And GET READY FOR A DIFFERENT JOURNEY...!!!


The workshop will include a series of breathing techniques based on Shamanism and Pranayama, that will help you get into a deep meditative state. The technique is very simple and easily acceptable for all people and will be supported with specialized rhythmic music (which is the language of the soul). This workshop will help you to start replacing your negative belief system that holds you back with positive energy and will help you face life with positivity, even without realizing that it has already started happening…! :)


You will surely need to bring a bottle of water. It is preferable to have an empty stomach (try to finish your breakfast at least one hour before coming) and wear comfortable clothes.
Breathing exercises will be held mainly while lied down. There will be available mats in the studio but you can bring your own if you want to feel more comfortable and a pillow for your head. If your back cannot stay for long straight while lied down you can also bring something to put under your legs. You can also bring a blindfold or scarf, or something to cover your eyes.

The workshop will be guided in Greek or English (depending on the participants)

Price: 20 euros / 15 euros for Cocoon members

For details about the workshop call Gerasimos at 96596101.
For booking and details about the place call Egli at 99325558.

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