I am a certified GYROKINESIS® trainer, instructor of ancient Shamanic breathing techniques and lifelong student of body movement, breathing and meditation practices. My focus is on how all these are connected with the core of our beings and how to embody these life gifts in our everyday life!

After a successful business career, I decided to change life paths and devote myself to a simpler, more balanced life in nature. Having been trained on a variety of modalities, by mentors and teachers all over the world, I decided to live for five years in an isolated, small cabin on a mountaintop in the southern Peloponnese (Greece). Without electricity, running water or any modern comforts, I harmonized with nature’s rhythms, dedicated my time to cultivating bees and mostly practiced body and spirit healing techniques. My daily practice of conscious breathing and movement through the Gyrokinesis method, Yoga, Pranayama, Shamanism and more, offered me glimpses into a profound and spiritual world that is inherent to living harmoniously with nature.

In 2016, life invited me to abandon my isolated cabin existence and rejoin society, moving to the historic, charming city of Nafplio, where I used to share my knowledge of breath and movement through group and private classes that were often held by the seaside or in groves and generally pure natural places that help us connect with the nature of our being. By mid February I am staying in Cyprus and share this knowledge with people in Nicosia. I also organize excursions including various activities to help us connect with ourselves and nature.

My lifelong pursuit of personal and spiritual growth continues with my daily practice, my teaching others and by attending more advanced courses and workshops related with breath and movement.

I hope you join me on this quest to discovering a more harmonious everyday life!