The GYROKINESIS® method is more than Entertaining...


The GYROKINESIS® method has therapeutic results in our body and mind. A major focus is the opening and strengthening of the spine, like creating more space in between. Vertebrae reflect to specific areas in our bodies. By offering them the ability to move freely, the "messages" which are transmitted from/to the related areas in our body, flow freely. As a result, we feel more activated, lighter, free from bodily tensions and with enhanced clarity of mind.

The exercises of the method activate and extend the nervous system throughout our body. By extending the nerves, we awaken our senses and we offer the motive for our muscular system to extend, as well. By extending the muscles we allow the joints to open and thus the bones move freely. During and after exercising we feel the direct results of pain relief. By exercising on a regular basis, the stiffness becomes cured and the chronic pains are significantly decreased and gradually disappear.

This method helps the body develop profound core body strength and flexibility by exercising the inner muscles. Using the qualities of yawning and stretching to reach further outside we activate the deeper muscles which usually remain idle during the day.

We experience the balanced symmetry in our body. We use the body as "actor-reactor", which means that we lead the forces of our body to opposite directions horizontally, vertically, diagonally and spirally, and we achieve stabilization through contrast.

By practicing balanced strength to symmetrically opposite directions through rhythmic and undulating exercises, we open our energy pathways and therefore the vital energy which runs through these pathways flows freely. We experience the benefits of this pathway opening with a sense of wellness, emotional lift-up, clarity of mind, internal balance and peace, increased inspiration and creativity, and expanded mindfulness, awareness and intuition.

The synchronization of breath and movement using Gyrokinesis exercises, awakens our internal rhythm and promotes the body and mind to connect and act as a well-designed integrity.

Exactly because this method offers a harmonious combination of inner strength and movement expansion, it encourages us to experience our potential.

By deepening in the quality of each movement, we cultivate body awareness and we gradually learn how to use our potential. We create a deeper contact with the body and we become more conscious in our everyday life.

We use our body as the one and only tool which gives us the privilege to practice the Gyrokinesis exercises everywhere indoors or outdoors, without the necessity of any other equipment.


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